Munchie Living with Corina and Steven in Netherland

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hallo Again… Just would like to show one of my kittens living with his best friends In Netherland, best Family best Play Companion.. and I could never ever wish a better LOVE for him , Thank You Corina !!!

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  1. Corina
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    We are so happy with our little boy Munchie! He brings a lot of joy. This is our first Munchkin cat and we were very curious. He is so sweet, gives kisses and wants to be with you all the time. As soon as he needs something he starts to „talk”, so funny! We already had a cat but Munchkins are way more social then „normal” cats. Magdalena is really taking good care of her Munchkin cats, we enjoyed seeing all her Munchkins! Yes, you can say we are totally in love with Munchie!

    • Magda
      | Odpowiedz

      Thank you Corina…wish you all The best for coming next years with Munchie

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